Apr 15

World Lactose Intolerance Day


Did you know that there is a World Milk Day? It is celebrated on June 1st every year and was started back in 2001 by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. We love the UN…I mean who doesn’t, but maybe its time to acknowledge that many people in the world cannot digest milk products. …

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May 31

The History of Lactose Tolerance

All of us in the lactose intolerant community from time to time think they we are not normal and wonder why society doesn’t cater to our special needs. Why are we so different? What did we do wrong? The answer is, we are “normal” and the rest of the people on the planet are mutants. Well not really…but you …

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Mar 12

Milk Substitute


Up until a few years ago finding a milk substitute that was dairy free was a choice of drinking soy milk that tasted like watery cardboard or one that looked like mushy clag. Thank goodness times have changed! In a recent article in The Age they ponder has the milky way had its way? where they suggest that in the US, …

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Mar 04

Top Ten Foods High in Calcium

The intake of calcium is an essential part of your daily routine. Once you become a teenager, the recommended intake of calcium is between 1000-1300 milligrams per day. Unfortunately this can be very difficult for people who are lactose intolerant, but you may be surprised by the many dairy free foods out there that are very high …

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Feb 18

Lacteeze Giveaway on Twitter

To celebrate the recent relaunch of our website and our first few tweets, we would like you to follow us on Twitter.  The best tweets from Aussie followers to explain how you handle your lactose free lifestyle will win a free pack of Lacteeze tablets valued at $35(while stocks last). These tablets can assist in any dairy food situation, whether …

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Feb 13



[important][/important] Welcome to the new lactose.com.au! At last, you’ve found us! Lactose.com.au is Australia’s No.1 website for lactose intolerant people because this site has been developed by lactose intolerant people, for lactose intolerant people. Lactose.com.au features loads of information about lactose free foods and how to make the most of your lactose free lifestyle. We’re …

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Dec 30

Lacteeze Tablets


We are now selling Lacteeze for the special all low price of $35.00 Buy Now! If you are not aware of what the lactase enzyme is, it is a tablet that simply and naturally replenishes the enzyme that helps you digest lactose so you can enjoy dairy foods without wind or cramps. Lactaid is not …

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Nov 18


Some people who are lactose intolerant suffer from other food allergy problems, like fructose malabsorption or irritable bowel syndrome. If that sounds like you, read this weeks article in The Age An apple a day doesn’t always keep the doctor away or go to ShepherdWorks for more information about the Low FODMAP Diet. Do you have any comments on how …

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Apr 26

Ordering a Soy Coffee

When ordering a soy coffee, hopefully this doesn’t happen to you. Be careful Coffee Barista, and try not to charge too much extra for a soy. When having a coffee, what is your favourite soy milk brand?